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Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante

Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante DPP Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle for Political Puan Maharani believe the next president will come cadre or carried by the three nationalist parties, the PDI-P, Golkar Party, or Democratic Party. National leadership must be held by people who are political stance not based on religion.

"So my choice is actually only 3, PDIP, Golkar and the Democrats. Golkar already clear (capresnya), PDI-P has not, Democrats are not yet clear. Surely this ball will appear in 2013," Puan said in a special interview session on the sidelines Rakornas III Democratic Party of Struggle, Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante Sedona Hotel on Thursday (28 / 7) yesterday.

Here's the full interview with Puan about pencapresan 2014:

Chairperson Megawati said that in time will open up access to the cadre to mencapreskan themselves. Meaning?

We do not yet talk election issues. Now we still focus on the consolidation of the party, how to consolidate the party can produce something real clear to the people. We hope with our instruments that exist today, the regional head, legislator from the central to local level, can contribute their respective regions in order to result in something tangible for the people. If the problem the president has been no talk that election day who is going forward or how and what, will depend pileg results that will come later.

Is pernyaataan it could be interpreted as general chairman he would not mencapreskan away again?

III Congress did not direct the general chairman mengamatkan automatically become a candidate in the presidential election, but we give all authority to the chairman, whether the chairman would give the opportunity of advanced or internal to move forward, yes it all back to the chairman. We could not apply earlier. If it's only two years before we wrote our presidential candidates have said ketum, now that baseball. We are in the process of internal, general chairman was the one who determines what he will advance or provide opportunities for its cadres to advance.

III Congress decided differently about pencapresan is not automatic ketum presidential candidates. What is the general chairman because of health considerations are currently 64 years old?

If the mother is physically fit as a fiddle alhamdulillahirobbil ketum alamin. With a working party at this time we admit the mother is quite able to do political work and mobilization of party, in the sense that there is no problem at all with health. The proof of each event he remains present consolidation. But we also need to be realistic with the dynamics that exist later. Is the 2014 Democratic Party of Struggle yes would win the election? Do not, can not we expect today. The survey is okay Democratic numbers 1, 2 and PDI-P and Golkar 3. His name is growing each month's survey. The important internal readiness for a candidate who can carry a realitsis useful for the people of Indonesia as a whole.

So what consideration?

We are realistically looking at 2004 and 2009 was not optimal as we want. So we also can not be forced to follow the pattern first, but obviously once the results are not optimal. So it is the desire of my friends are unanimous in the decision of the congress. That evaluation results and analysis: why 2004 and 2009 we did not win. Maybe there is something that should be updated and we also can not like a sure thing. We should not like to win but did not work first. Therefore it is this which must be achieved. Real work is clear and recognized the public that the PDI-P was not playing games to improve himself.

So the Democratic Party of Struggle would be more realistic about the presidential candidates?

Whatever must realitstis on condition today and the future, can not also impose conditions that exist, look at the dynamics of the past.

How about a survey of Megawati remained high ahead of the presidential election?

That's realistic wrote, if it 2014 then after surveyed and facts on the ground that Mrs. Megawati did not want anyone to match, so whatever we have to agree. If ketum going forward, we must support the decision to be taken in a meeting of party leaders. So this means open ketum run, but the decision of the party which nominated ketum we based the facts on the ground that she who has a good survey or the potential to win.

What does it mean PDI ahead of presidential elections there will be about pencapresan mechanisms, such conventions?

We do not have conventions and never thought there would be a convention. In accordance with congressional mandate, kewenang been given entirely to the ketum. Later anyone who would be selected or prepared are decisions that must be approved ketum all structural, because we already agreed that the authority that Congress III on ketum.

What if the person was appointed elektablitasnya low?

Yes we do also have to be realistic, ketum considerations would have to choose the person, in the sense of course our many mechanisms. We also survey some names. We also see the culture of the PDI-P, can not also someone who is clever, contribute, and loyal to this party, will automatically be a candidate is nominated, if indeed the structure of the party did not accept him. Because the culture is different. We do indeed have a culture that is different from other parties.

What about Megawati interested in candidates from outside the party?

I think not possible, because we do not trade in this party out. In that sense, why should we carry the one who is not a party cadre but then in the middle of the road when the power is obtained isnya god, it does not fight for this party.

That experience of elections huh?

Yes, yaiyalah. Because there is no single law that is binding. We as a party do not have the power to reduce the president or vice president that we stretcher (if no party memperjuangankan-ed). Will we be left, trade in this party? Then who is responsible? Ya can not lah. I also do not agree, why should the people outside? Although not the best, but better than people not luarlah.

So when about Megawati's answers about time that presidential powers?

There's always the possibility that the other party's general chairman dinamikannya all going forward. Golkar's obvious Aburizal. Aburizal it also will not give up her seat to someone else dong. Democrats are not yet clear, but all in SBY's decision. Who would dare? Is Anas dare say I will be presidential candidates? I think it would not be possible. If then MCC, MCC clear rotational structure of the party ya aja, abis he's definitely this. Is this country ready to accept the presidency of the MCC? Ya do not know too right, it seems not. We still pluralism is, in the sense that anyone who becomes handfuls of national leadership was not based on religion. In order to embrace everything. PPP can aja forward, but it's not likely to be RI-1, possibly R-2. Yesterday-yesterday there Mr. Vice President Hamzah Haz of the PPP, but do not RI-1. So the choice was actually only 3, PDIP, Golkar and the Democrats. Golkar was clear, PDI-P has not, the Democrats have Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante not yet clear. Surely this ball will appear in 2013.

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