Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cerita tante girang Mesum sama anak SMP

Cerita tante girang Mesum sama anak SMP We announced the presence of a service Nomer HP Tante girang that allows users to enjoy music through the Android Market. Tante mesum certainly is an answer to a similar service that has been previously presented by Nokia, Apple, and Amazon.

All seek to provide convenience to handset users to access and enjoy music directly from the handset.

A business decision is supported by the behavior of the majority of technology users are willing to invest to enjoy digital content and is supported by a technology that can reduce duplication. Unfortunately, this behavior does not apply in all countries.

In Indonesia of educated technology users tend to have a lower appreciation of digital technology products. The desire to invest the time to enjoy the product content is still very small. This perception is allegedly donated an incorrect understanding of the nature of program code.

Why is that? Because when we talk of program code, the determination of the code is open or closed is a full right of the developer. When the code has been transformed into a software (content), again the developer has the right to determine whether the content will be free or paid content.

Unfortunately, the regulators just yelling at the code level. The Toket Tante girang perception among the educated has already become ambiguous because it can not distinguish between free content and free content. This is very detrimental to software developers and digital creative industry players.

But we must be grateful, even among educated dominate the decision, but the amount is not significant when compared with 230 million population of Indonesia.

Under the Pyramid

The majority of us may have never bought a cassette or CD music, but it turns out the new songs are still present. Technology Ring Back Tone (RBT) is the one that makes us still working musicians.

The majority of local musicians are not concerned with the sale of the CD / cassette pirated, because RBT can not be hijacked and users are required to register with and then cut off pulse.

Contributions under the pyramid users of mobile technology contribute significantly to the RBT industry in Indonesia. Users of mobile technology in the bottom of the pyramid is likely to be more consumptive and although their purchasing power is low, but the desire to enjoy digital technology products especially those that can be consumed through the handset was very large.

Multiplier factor of the number of users that generate the numbers are fantastic. Not surprisingly, refers to data from the Department of Industry, the value of the content industry in Indonesia reached a total of 11 trillion rupiah in 2011.

Thanks to anyone who has brought technology to the market RBT Indonesia, which has made mobile service users in Indonesia are familiar with the scenario pieces pulses. Some stores selling content, such as Ovi Store, was eventually provide content with a mechanism to buy pieces of pulses in Indonesia.

The most Memek tante girang essential question is when the application would become a commodity such as RBT, who will host? Are local developers as well as local musicians in the realm of RBT or again outside developers?

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