Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cerita lucah malam pertama

Cerita lucah malam pertama has submitted a forensic audit of the Bank Century case to the House. The new round of the completion of the Bank Century case began.

"So after receipt of the results of a forensic audit of the Century case of CPC, yesterday was the start of the beginning of a new round of Timwas Century in overseeing the Bank Century case investigation," said Vice Chairman of the House, Taufik Kurniawan, told AFP on Monday (26/12/2011).

House leaders had held a consultation meeting. Furthermore, House leaders will ask for the names of new members Timwas Century, the faction leaders in the House.

"In the House leadership consultation meeting, it was agreed we would do again to reconfirm the members of the faction leaders Timwas Century. After that then followed up with internal meetings Timwas Century has extended his employment on December 15 last," said Taufik.

Furthermore, Timwas Century will start working. Study the findings of the CPC, and submit to the law enforcement measures that need to be done.

"Of course, the post will be filled forensic audit CPC associated with the following agenda follow-Century Timwas fully and thoroughly. This is something related to the discussion of the forensic audit submitted to the CPC Timwas Century. Until the point that the leadership could not intervene," said Taufik.

Then if it still allows the completion of the Bank Century case with political channels with the use of the right to express opinion? "The possibility can occur according to the dynamic development in Timwas Century," he said.