Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cerita Malam pertama pengantin baru

Cerita Malam pertama pengantin baru In living a love affair, it is often said break a scourge for you and your partner. But there are actually some benefits that you can from that critical moment.
Every relationship must have experienced a complicated problem. Disconnect is not the only way to resolve the issue. In these critical times 'break' is the right decision to be taken.
In the 'break' you and your partner do not need to contact each other in order to focus introspection themselves and dampen emotions. As reported by All Woman's Talk, here's five benefits of 'break' in the relationship.
1. Provide SpaceSometimes a very intense relationship and your partner makes you almost do not have time for yourself. During the break, there is a distance between you and your partner so that each individual has a little space that frees you both for taking a break from the boredom and fatigue that had been established relationship.
2. Know YourselfThe reason to make yourself a break sometimes be even better. Yes, of course in a while ma sa solitude, you have plenty of time to correct yourself as a free individual, not the individual is bound. You can correct your flaws and fix yourself so that you will learn more about how your character really is.
3. Becoming More CalmBig fight with your spouse makes you depressed and emotional. During the break, you can stop for a moment of commotion that takes a lot of energy. You can think again about the problem you are facing and become more calm. Break also can avoid the fights are more intense.
4. Time To Measure CompatibilityMaybe all this time you are in doubt about your love relationship, whether to continue or terminate the relationship. When you and your partner split up for quite a long time, it's time to make the decision. If you feel more comfortable and happy with your solitude, perhaps you do need to end your relationship. But if you feel you need him more than when you are with him, may improve the relationship between you and your partner is the best decision.
5. Finding What You WantBreak you can use to find exactly what you want from your partner. Do you want a more serious relationship, or are you more interested in meeting new people or just you have a goal each conflicting. Find exactly what you want so that when the break is over you can make decisions in accordance with your conscience.
6. Creating a PriorityMaybe the reason you and your partner break is to both understand what the priorities both of you. Maybe you want to continue school, while your partner wants to get married. If indeed you and partner could still compromise the priority of each, then this relationship can be transmitted. If indeed you both do not find a middle ground, trying to think back to what the priorities of your life today and in the future.
7. Ensuring FeelingsIt could be your break with a partner because of boredom or just no longer feel the love in the relationship. Separation of you and your partner will give pause to the feelings you both. If absence makes you miss with what you have passed with a partner, maybe you're just bored with the routine that's it. If it turns out for not meeting him makes you feel better and you feel increasingly bland, could have indeed been no love between you.
Remember, break not mean to break up. It is time to correct the error and wishes of each individual. In general, the break occurred because of boredom, doubt, and lack of love between you and your partner. And at this time, you can discover what things are missing from the relationship. Although not rare break into the beginning of the end of a relationship, but the break may have a positive impact to your relationship because everyone needs time alone.

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