Monday, December 13, 2010

TIPS TO KNOW ITS EARLY PREGNANT SEX Guessing Baby Gender / Fetus Pregnancy

How do I find out the sex of the child or determine the sex of the fetus / baby that was conceived during pregnancy is certainly interesting to know. Moreover, the myth has been circulating about the early signs of pregnancy will determine the sex of a baby girl or boy. Of course can not be arbitrary guess what kind jelamin our children yes. Do not get much hope from reality.

Actually get a boy or a girl for me just the same. The most important is to understand how to tell the sex of a fetus that was conceived by the mother during pregnancy it is easier to prepare his needs after giving birth and giving an appropriate name. Besides prayer while still in the womb are also on target. We fervently pray for children who may be Solehah because pingin had a daughter, was born are boys:)

Why not now existing ultrasound technology or even the 3D shape of any dimension that can show a photographic image of the fetus? Why still bother to use the traditional way to know the sex of the baby!

The answer is very simple: not everyone have money and there are still unsure of the side effects the use of ultrasound technology to the developing baby while still in the mother's abdomen. Understandably, not all technologies have positive impact for the lives ya. And the technology is very expensive.

Here I present the traditional way children naturally learn the sex of the baby by looking at the signs of pregnancy the mother. Whether or not these are very relative.

Signs of Pregnancy Your Baby Candidate Male sex
  • You do not experience morning sickness during early pregnancy
  • Your baby's heart rate per minute is less than 140detak
  • You will feel the weight of the load on the front of your body
  • Your stomach will look perfectly round like a basketball
  • Regional areola (dark area around the nipple) of your darker
  • The stomach you are more inclined downward
  • You are craving salty and acidic foods
  • Your food cravings mengadung protein such as meat and cheese
  • The palm of your foot feels colder than before your pregnancy
  • Your hands feel dry
  • Your face is facing toward north while sleeping
  • Your husband gained weight, just like you
  • You look more beautiful than ever
  • Your urine is bright yellow
  • Your nose looks more blooms
  • If you hang your mating ring over your belly eating the ring will move rotate
  • You have a headache
Early Pregnancy Signs Your Baby Women Candidates
  • You are experiencing morning sickness in early pregnancy
  • Your baby's heart rate at least 140 beats per minute
  • You will feel the weight of the load on the hips and back
  • Breast part of your left breast is bigger than the right side your
  • Your hair grows more red color than the previous
  • Shape your stomach will be biased upward
  • Your stomach will appear in an oval like watermelon fruit
  • You are craving sweet foods
  • You are craving fruit
  • You are craving orange juice
  • You look more talkative than before pregnancy
  • You will feel more moody than before pregnancy
  • Skin Your face looks more problematic than the previous
  • You refuse to eat bread with her skin
  • Your breasts look very fluffy
  • Your face when sleeping facing south
  • Your urine is yellow dull
  • If you hang your mating ring over your belly eating the ring will move from the right side left or vice versa.

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