Sunday, December 26, 2010

Titi Kamal Indonesian Sexy Celebs

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Titi Kamal was not pregnant, Christian Sugiono already promised to be a husband who claimed siaga.Christian very eagerly awaiting his wife's pregnancy news. "Now is not pregnant. But starting in anticipation for the future. This plan together, so we agreed to stop working Titi first. Now it is time have offspring. Let I wrote that work," said Ambassador Depkominfo this free knowledge.

If the future wife is pregnant, Christian also plans to bring Titi into a cool area. "There is a plan if such pregnant, I said the same Titi, what if my sister moved into place in Bandung. You see there really cool, Titi likes the cold,"said Singh was a movie star.

Christian who was dating a 10-Titi was already mentally prepared to accompany his wife for any future experience cravings. "I heard many stories from friends, if a pregnant woman tuh fuss. I think it's the fair, after all fussy it's only nine months. There is one thing that should be known, I was waiting for pregnancy Titi," said Christian truth.

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