Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 Styles cuddle and its hidden meaning

Did you know that the style embraced the couple could explain the actual contents of his heart? Here goes some hugging style and the meaning behind it.

As quoted from the Times of India, if the pair hugged you after the show to make love, it means he really loves and is crazy about you. According to Dr. Raj Brahmbhatt, sex consultant from Mumbai, India, a hug after sex is tantamount to the phrase 'thank you, sex was fun'.

"Hugs or other forms of touch after sex as important as the sex itself," said Dr. Raj Brahmbhatt.

Not only important, a hug after sex also has a meaning behind it. Here are some hugging style and meaning.

Classical style, spoon is the most common style of hugs. 90 percent of men hugged her partner from behind. Embraced this style indicates that you and your partner feel comfortable with each other. But according to psychologists from Mumbai,
Sharita Shah, spoon style it could also mean that one of them feel insecure. Someone who clung to her partner may feel the lack of security in relation to or because he needs a partner through difficult times.

Face To Face
Couples who do this hug after sex means still in the early stages in the relationship because he felt 'no BESA far'. Even so, a hug like this is the best way to start a conversation with your partner. Couples who have embraced this style feel comfortable with each other.

Head On Shoulder
This position is when a woman he's sleeping bag the man's shoulder. This position shows the admiration of your partner. "This also shows that the couple were always watching each other," said Dr Brahmbhatt. If your partner hug with this style and no matter what your position, it means that he feels secure about the relationship that is being undertaken and has no qualms about expressing his feelings to you.

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