Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Syahrini Foto Hot Bugil Telanjang

Syahrini have close ties with the two children from his marriage to Anand KD results.

Aurel and Azriel even do not hesitate to call Syahrini as 'Mimi', just as they memangil mother, KD. Syahrini not feel disturbed by it.

"I still love it. I have no problem because they (Aurel and Azriel) is need of someone close and they need attention," said Syahrini when found in the shop owned by Anand in the number Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, recently.
Syahrini not feel uncomfortable with the title 'Horseshoe crab', which pinned the two children Anand and KD to himself. He tried to understand the feelings of the two sons of the couple who have divorced them. For Syahrini Aurel and Azriel happiness is very important. "As long as they can be happy yes no problem," he said.

This long-haired singer also bluntly acknowledged that if he was also fond of the two children Anand was with sincere hearts. He felt Aurel and Azriel are in need of attention. He also would not mind sharing his attention to two children.

Syahrini Celana DAlam Bugil

Syahrini Telanjang
"To be honest I love them. Both children sweet, intelligent and very needed attention," he said again as she decorated a smile.

As a mother of Aurel and Azriel, KD admitted he did not feel jealous or worried about his closeness with Syahrini. He is just happy that both her baby was getting attention from others. He did not trouble her children familiar with the sexy singer. (mt)