Monday, January 31, 2011

Luxury Beach House

This villa is Samujana, a luxury house on the beach in Thailand, was designed by architect Gfab. It has 26 houses exotic private island in Thailand, Koh Samui is inspired dream of a luxurious lifestyle only. Overlooking the beach is 300 meters, designed Gfab architects of the top of the cliff villas with contemporary decor, each about 4.843 square meters, the indoor and outdoor work smoothly.

Architects Exotic Panorama

This home has a good height and a plan of integration levels, sliding glass doors that open onto the sun terraces on each floor. A lobby "top-down" entry opens the house outside, while the conversion of the rooftop swimming pool in a reflecting pool. Inside, four bedrooms, bathroom, and a general indulgence relaxed island are the key. The interior regions are a modern, relaxing cool as infinity pools, it seems designed hang indefinitely.

Architects Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Architects Sliding Glass Door in Lighting

Architects Soft Bedroom Design

Thai Beach House

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