Saturday, January 1, 2011

Valentino Rossi Ducati

Ducati pretty sure that if Valentino Rossi had been satisfied with the candidate riding next season. If Rossi had suddenly wants radical change, Ducati was also ready to perform.

Rossi next season will no longer be under the banner of Yamaha, who had his defense team since 2004, along with his move to Ducati.

It's seven seasons to defend Yamaha, which also had to take him to four world championship titles, the question of course is how Ducati will be able to provide a mount that fits for Rossi.

"We've tried to create conditions in which we are ready to design, with the earliest possible time, the parts that we think can make the motor would be better,"said Filippo Preziosi Ducati sporting boss told Autosport.

"Recruiting is not just a matter Valentino get a very fast driver, but also someone who can give precise indications for motor development," he continued.

So far, claims Preziosi, Ducati development is already located on the right track so that Rossi has never pitched remarks of dissatisfaction.

"Based on the comments thus far Valentino, radical changes in this project does not seem necessary."

"However, we were getting ready just to do it if it was needed later on,"says Preziosi.

So, already satisfied with Ducati, Rossi?

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