Tuesday, January 11, 2011

China's new Jet first flight

Chinese state media on Tuesday (01/11/2011), includes photographs of the intended display first flight stealth fighter jets the country's first, J-20, just as U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates, visited Beijing.

The photos, published on the official website of Global Times and Xinhua, said to have been taken by the fans of aviation, fighter jet that allegedly showed J-20 flying over the city of Chengdu in southwestern China. According to the report, quoting eyewitnesses, the plane was doing a test flight for 15 minutes before landing successfully.

The news comes when Gates visited Beijing, one year after China to stop military ties with the United States associated with the sale of arms worth billions of dollars from Washington to Taiwan. Appearance of the news also comes just days after the first time revealed that China seems to have completed a first prototype stealth fighter jet, which highlights Beijing's desire to modernize its military technology.

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