Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marsha Timothy Glad Eyes

Artist and model the role of Marsha Timothy (31) claim to be happy get a chance to play the eye. With another man Which? Did not he already have a lover, artist and music Fachry Albar role?

Marsha Timothy
Apparently, flirt in question is acting with an expression of the eye. It became a challenge and lessons learned by Marsha with his play in the new movie, the Caliph. "It is a challenge for me with a very minimal dialogue, a lot of baseball talk, more expression of the eyes, especially when wearing a veil," jabar Caliph character actor, in an interview at the XXI Epicentrum Sidewalk, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (3 / 1 / 2010).

According to Marsha, issued a sad expression, angry, and happy through the eyes seemed quite difficult for him. "All the characters that played hard for even just mediocre. Here, which create heavy, I never wear the veil and acting only with the expression of the eyes," he admitted.

Because the challenge is also finally agreed Marsha acting collided with Joshua and Ben Indra Herlambang. "When offered, I am excited about, because it can learn, explore acting over again," he said.

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