Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cerita dewasa panas yahoogroups

Cerita dewasa panas yahoogroups - Burgers and fries are not just Cerita dewasa bad for the waistline, but also aggravate asthma. Besides increasing the risk of inflammation in the Cerita Panas airways, high-fat foods that also make the body do not respond to therapy to control asthma.

The study by a team of scientists from the University of Newcastle, it adds to evidence that environmental factors, such as diet, affects the development of asthma. In fact, in the last two decades fast food diet high in fat people increasingly popular.

Although the study results still need further proof, the experts recommend to reduce the intake of foods high in fat as a way to control asthma.

"If there are further studies confirm these studies, setting the pattern of eating can be an important strategy for controlling asthma," said Lisa Wood, chief researcher at the University of Newcastle. Research results will be presented at the meeting of the American Thoraric Society's International Conference this week.

Asthma is a chronic condition that occurs when the main bronchi of the lungs (bronchi) become inflamed. So far more associated with allergic asthma, there has been no research that specifically look at the impact of high-fat diet in patients with asthma.

In his study, Wood and his team studied 40 patients with asthma were divided into two groups. The first is that mengasup high-fat foods, like burgers, and other groups who were given yogurt. Foods high in fat contains 1,000 calories, 52 percent come from fat. While low-fat diet only 200 calories, 13 percent from fat.

Based on the analysis of saliva samples, an increase of immune cells called neutrophils in the airway in the group who ate a burger. Neutrophils are the trigger inflammation. Not only that Cerita dewasa panas yahoogroups, this group is also working on controlling asthma drug in the lung also becomes slower.

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